• One….two….three!




    The last week of August. That means that not only is it the end of the summer and the autumn will begin shortly, but also that most of the school children are racing to finish their summer homework.

    In Canada, we do not have summer homework. It is SUMMER and that means it is a HOLIDAY. Holidays are for relaxing, enjoying and doing things with friends and family. As my father was a high school teacher, when I was growing up the last day of school meant that we had to pack for the summer. We headed off to the cottage for 4 weeks of swimming, fishing, napping and general relaxation. That is a summer holiday!


    Last time I asked you about COLLOCATIONS. Here are the answers:


    accept responsibility

    achieve a goal  &  achieve a target

    have a question  ,  have a baby  ,  have a goal  &  have an idea

    meet a goal  &  meet a target

    make a business trip  ,  make a decision  &  make money

    score a goal

    miss an opportunity  &  miss a target

    answer a question

    save money


    How did you do??


    For today, I have something IRREGULAR!!!

    Do you know what the singular or plural forms of these irregular nouns are? Most of you should remember the usual ones: woman/women, child/children, etc.

    SINGULAR                                                     PLURAL

    antenna                                                                ?????

    ?????                                                                     algae

    ?????                                                                     bacteria

    cactus                                                                   ?????

    echo                                                                      ?????

    foot                                                                       ?????

    ?????                                                                     lice

    ?????                                                                     men

    knife                                                                     ?????

    ?????                                                                     lives

    crisis                                                                     ?????

    appendix                                                             ?????

    matrix                                                                  ?????

    ?????                                                                    barracks

    deer                                                                      ?????

    offspring                                                              ?????

    sheep                                                                    ?????

    Good luck – these are not easy!!!