• What are you planning?




    Typhoon after typhoon after typhoon. The late summer has been nothing but a succession of typhoons. Terrible and not great for getting outside. Have you been able to enjoy the weather and get outside? Next week is Silver Week. Will you be going anywhere? I will be staying in Tokyo and having several adventures around the city.



    Last week I asked you to put some verbs and nouns together. These are, as you may know, known as collocations. They are sets. Here they are!!

    MAKE an arrangement

    MAKE or HAVE plans

    DO research

    MAKE or HAVE a phone call

    DO your homework

    MAKE a decision

    DO well

    HAVE a favour

    HAVE fun

    HAVE a great time

    DO some exercise

    MAKE a profit

    HAVE an idea

    HAVE or MAKE trouble


    For TODAY!!!!


    Can you make some predictions for the future? 

    Plans for this weekend.

    Plans for the year end holiday.

    Your intentions to travel.

    Intentions to get married.

    Effort to improve your English.

    What is happening in Japan these days?

    What international events are in the news this week?


    Good luck and see you next time.